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National Barkfly (Outdoor Psocoptera)
Recording Scheme

Distribution map of Pscoptera records

Current distribution of Psocoptera
records from the NBN Gateway.
(April 2009)

The Psocoptera (outdoor species)/barkflies recording scheme was started in 2006 with the primary aim of building up as full a picture as possible of the distribution of the species in Britain and Ireland. Knowledge of distribution is necessary to determine their national and local statuses and, in particular, whether any are under sufficient threat to require conservation action. 

Another aim of the scheme is to discover more about the life histories of the species especially focussing on variations in different parts of Britain (e.g. it has been found that some species are single-brooded in northern Britain, double-brooded in the south).

The records are sent to the Biological Record Centre (BRC) for storage and transfer to the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Gateway which makes the data accessible anywhere in the world.

Records should consist of as much detail as possible and ideally should include: species, date, recorder, location, grid reference, abundance, sex/stage, sampling details (e.g. beaten from elder bush) and any other comments.

If you wish to contribute records to the scheme please contact Keith Alexander.


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