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  • The definitive work on British barkflies (and booklice) is the second edition of the Royal Entomological Society (RES) handbook (vol. 1 Part 7) prepared by Timothy R. New in 2005 – Psocids, Psocoptera (Booklice and barklice). This includes all (bar one) of the currently known barkfly species. There are a number of errors in the book but these are conveniently listed in the book review by the European authority Charles Lienhard. There is another review in the British Journal of Entomology and Natural History, 20:2007.

  • The definitive work on European psocids is Psocoptères euro-méditerranéens produced by Charles Lienhard in 1998 – Faune de France series vol. 83, Paris.

  • Before the advent of Charles Lienhard's 1998 handbook the definitive work on European Psocoptera was André Badonnel's Psocoptères published in 1943 as part of the Faune de France series vol. 42. This still contains a good deal of useful information and is available as a pdf file (8Mb).

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  • The psocidologists' newsletter, Psocid News, is a convenient way to find out what is happening at a global level. All the issues can be accessed from the PsocoNet website which is maintained by Yoshizawa Kazunori. Issues are published annually in February.


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