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Trichopsocus clarus (Banks, 1908)

Uncommon in Ireland, scarce in England.

Photo of Trichopsocus clarusPhoto of Trichopsocus clarusPhoto of Trichopsocus clarusPhoto of Trichopsocus clarus

Region Main date range Extreme dates
North Unknown 23 August
South Unknown 16 June - 14 October

Summary: has been found mainly on branches of conifers/evergreens but also found on deciduous trees and bushes (no records from trunks).


  • Deciduous branches: alder, beech, blackthorn, elder, oak and sallow.
  • Conifer/evergreen branches: cedar, holly, holm oak, ivy, nutmeg-tree (Torreya), pine, Rhododendron, yellow-wood (Podocarpus) and yew.

Sampling techniques: beating branches and malaise trap.


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