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Trichadenotecnum majus (Kolbe, 1880)

Scarce in Britain and Ireland.

Photo of Trichadenotecnum majusPhoto of Trichadenotecnum majus

Region Main date range Extreme dates
North Unknown 16 August - 11 October
South Unknown 23 June - 1 October

Summary: has been recorded on various deciduous and coniferous/evergreen trees and bushes. Lienhard (1998) noted that the species prefers humid conditions (such as riverine woodlands) and the environment may be more important than the specific tree species.


  • Deciduous branches: apple, ash, oak, sallow and sycamore.
  • Deciduous trunks: beech.
  • Conifer/evergreen branches: ivy and sitka spruce.

Sampling techniques: beating branches and brushing tree trunks.


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