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Bertkauia lucifuga (Rambur, 1842)

Scarce in Britain

Photo of Bertkauia lucifugaPhoto of Bertkauia lucifugaPhoto of Bertkauia lucifuga

Region Main date range Extreme dates
North Unknown 18 July - 4 October
South Unknown 9 June - 24 August

Summary: unlike most barkflies this species is usually found in the ground layer particularly in leaf litter or under stones/dead wood. Very rarely found on trees.


  • Deciduous branches: apple.
  • Conifer/evergreen branches: conifer.
  • Other microhabitats: leaf and other ground litter, strandline driftwood and under dead branch.

Sampling techniques: litter sieving, searching under stones/dead wood, pitfall trap, water trap and beating branches.


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