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Kolbia quisquiliarum Bertkau, 1882

Scarce in England and Wales, rare in Scotland

Photo of Kolbia quisquiliarumPhoto of Kolbia quisquiliarumPhoto of Kolbia quisquiliarumPhoto of Kolbia quisquiliarum

Region Main date range Extreme dates
North Unknown 27-31 August*
South Unknown 19 June - 19 September

*Malaise trap date range.

Summary: has mainly been found in association with base-rich grassland. One of the few barkfly species that is not associated with trees.


  • Conifer/evergreen branches: gorse.
  • Other microhabitats: chalk turf, coastal grassland, haystack, in Lasius flavus nest, limestone grassland and under stones.

Sampling techniques: hand searching, malaise trap, pitfall trap, sweep netting, vacuum sampling and water trap.


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