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The Banded Demoiselle Survey
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"Looking at a snapshot of all the records sent to us with a grid reference, as mapped at a 10km-square level, it's great to see that survey participants sent us records from all over the country. We have noticed particularly exciting new records from Northern England!"
Dr. Graham French, Key Sites Project Officer, British Dragonfly Society (BDS)

Banded Demoiselle distribution, June 2006

Below is a selection of the best photographs we have received as a confirmation of Banded Demoiselle sightings. Click on one to see a larger version.

Please keep sending us your photographs when you enter records ? they are excellent!


Male Banded Demoiselle © Charmain Hall Male Banded Demoiselle © Ian Baker Male Banded Demoiselle © Paul Kingwell Male Banded Demoiselle © Brian Walker

Male Banded Demoiselle, Oxfordshire © David Palmer Male Banded Demoiselle, Staffordshire © Carl Jervis Male Banded Demoiselle, Co. Durham © John W. Todd Tandem pair of Banded Demoiselles, Leicestershire © Julia Hawley

Mating pair of Banded Demoiselles, Cambridgeshire © Ellis Selway Male Banded Demoiselle, West Sussex © Astron Trelford Mating pair of Banded Demoiselles, Yorkshire© Joe BamfieldMale Banded Demoiselle, Kent © Ron Bodiam



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