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The Riverfly Recording Schemes - for Caddisflies, Mayflies and Stoneflies
(Previously known as CAMSTARS)
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Melampophylax mucoreus
Mesophylax aspersus
Mesophylax impunctatus
Mesophylax impunctatus subsp.impunctatus
Mesophylax impunctatus subsp.zetlandicus
Metalype fragilis
Micropterna lateralis
Micropterna sequax
Molanna albicans
Molanna angustata
Mystacides azurea
Mystacides azurea var.albicornis
Mystacides longicornis
Mystacides nigra

Nemotaulius punctatolineatus
Neureclipsis bimaculata
Notidobia ciliaris

Odontocerum albicorne
Oecetis furva
Oecetis lacustris
Oecetis notata
Oecetis ochracea
Oecetis testacea
Oligotricha striata
Orthotrichia angustella
Orthotrichia costalis
Orthotrichia tragetti
Oxyethira distinctella
Oxyethira falcata
Oxyethira flavicornis
Oxyethira frici
Oxyethira mirabilis
Oxyethira sagittifera
Oxyethira simplex
Oxyethira tristella

Phacopteryx brevipennis
Philopotamus montanus
Phryganea bipunctata
Phryganea grandis
Plectrocnemia brevis
Plectrocnemia conspersa
Plectrocnemia geniculata
Polycentropus flavomaculatus
Polycentropus irroratus
Polycentropus kingi
Potamophylax cingulatus
Potamophylax latipennis
Potamophylax rotundipennis
Psychomyia pusilla


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