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Liposcelididae family


Liposcelis bicolor
Liposcelis bostrychophila
Liposcelis decolor
Liposcelis myrmecophila
Embidopsocus enderleini
Liposcelididae family The species in this family are all very small (c.1-1.5mm). Most species have no wings (apterous) though some females of Embidopsocus enderleini have long wings (macropterous). All of the species have only rarely been recorded out-of-doors.
Liposcelididae family These species have exceptionally small eyes and somewhat flattened abdomens with clearly visible segments. These characteristics, taken with their very small size, gives them quite a different appearance from other barkflies.
The species in this family are exceptionally difficult to identify. At the same time, accurate identifications are essential in order to provide the correct species distributions. To get around this dilemma the European Psocoptera authority, Charles Lienhard (Geneva Natural History Museum), is generously prepared to identify specimens sent to him. Specimens need to be preserved in 70% alcohol and sent in small tubes. To make use of this service first email him with details of the specimens you wish to send (e.g. numbers and collecting locations). Email to: [email protected]


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